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May 7, 2011

I am a teacher in a major Southern California school district.  I have taught both special education and general education classes thus far in my career.  In my capacity as a special education teacher I have co-taught 8th grade English, taught 6th grade English in a Special Day Class (SDC) and run the Resource Room as a Resource Specialist (RSP) for a K-5 elementary school.  I have experience teaching a fourth grade general education class as well – so I have seen education in a unique light, as both a special educator and a general educator.

The reason I desire to write this blog is simply because I care about the education of our students, I am concerned about the direction that education is currently taking, and I would like to do my part to keep other teachers informed about major issues that may affect their lives.

I admit it: I am basically a political, educational, and financial news junkie.  I am hoping this site can be cathartic for me and maybe I will be able to stop sending links to my colleagues and rather have them make a daily visit to my site so that they too can be informed, and maybe even become active in the career that I know they love and care about.


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