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San Diego School’s Pink Slip Conundrum

May 10, 2011

Another good article in the VOSD by Emily Alpert.  This one has to do with more senior teachers bumping other teachers with less seniority.  Emily has been doing good reporting on SDUSD and is someone whose writings I visit all the time.  Quotes from the piece:

“Principal Joe Austin says she would likely be replaced by a displaced school administrator who’d bump down to her spot. Teachers who team up with her in the academy say it would cripple the program. And Granfield says she isn’t ready to go. She can’t shake the words from the school district notice.

“‘Your services are no longer necessary,'” Granfield repeated. “I just kept reading that.”

Hers is only one of many stories in the sea of pink slips. San Diego Unified warned more than 1,300 educators that their jobs were on the line; now the numbers have been scaled back to less than 900.

Teachers have gotten pink slips in the past only to see those warnings melt away as budgets get better. Three years ago, San Diego Unified warned nearly 1,000 teachers they were on the chopping block, and ended up sparing most. But this year, educators fear things could get worse, not better.

The school district faces an estimated deficit of roughly $114 million, and if the state stops guaranteeing the bare minimum in school funding, it could be stuck with as much as $55 million more in cuts. The governor will release a revised budget this month, but the legislature has often lagged before polishing off a final budget, which could leave schools unsure about their bottom line for months.”

I too have read “Your services are no longer necessary.”  It is demoralizing.  Let’s keep in mind there are only 5 GOP state senators in Sacramento who are gumming up the works up there.  I wonder, maybe it is time to start de-funding projects in their respective districts to see how they would like that.


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