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Let’s Wish Jerry Brown well with his plan…

May 18, 2011

Governor Brown has his new proposal out and let’s wish him luck trying to get it past the GOP Five and onto a ballot for the voters in July.  All I can say is I hope that the new Governor can break through the intransigence that is so prevalent up in Sacramento.  I must admit that it feels better to have a Governor who is actually trying to get some solutions done rather than our previous philanderer who issued endless platitudes to the masses but never seemed serious about actually doing what he was being paid to do.  Governing is hard, it is damn hard, it involves making tough choices and at the same time trying to protect the most vulnerable in society who have no say in many matters.  I am cautiously optimistic about California’s future with Brown at the helm…

Governor Brown Unveils Revised Budget


SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. today unveiled a revised state budget that reduces by nearly $3 billion the amount of taxes needed to balance the budget, spurs job creation through new tax incentives and pays off most of the $34.7 billion debt built up over the last decade.

“California’s economy is growing, but we still face a $10 billion structural deficit and a wall of debt for years to come,” said Brown. “California’s finances were plunged into turmoil by the Great Recession and a decade of short-term fixes and fiscal gimmicks. This is not the time to delay or evade. This is the time to put our finances in order.”

The revised budget also downsizes state government and protects education and public safety. Since taking office in January, Brown and the legislature have cut spending by $9 billion and have taken other steps to reduce the deficit. 


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