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Race to the Bottom…

May 19, 2011

The California Budget Project (CBP) has a report (June 2010) titled: “Race to the Bottom? California’s Support for Schools Lags the Nation.”  This is a very interesting article for anyone who has been wondering just how California’s schools are funded, and why we lag the nation in this area.  Just a hint (homeowners won’t like this), it all has to do with Prop. 13 which limited tax assessments on properties in California.  What this did was to effectively hamstring local municipalities which in other areas of the country use local tax revenues to pay for schools.  In CA, we have to rely on state funding, hence, every year we are stuck waiting for the politicos in Sacramento to know how much funding we will have in our local districts.  I encourage people to read this report, it is really one of the best reports that I have blogged about and it is a significant data source for you education wonks out there.


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