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Now we see the truth behind stripping education and other public services…

May 21, 2011

As I have argued now for months with many people, the budget stripping in Wisconsin and other places is solely ideologically driven.  Scott Walker is a “grade – A” buffoon as proven by his fake conversation with the deep-pocketed David Koch.

The state of Wisconsin (and I suspect others soon) is the unexpected recipient of higher than anticipated tax revenues, this raises the important question, will these right-wing Governors and Legislatures back-off on devastating cuts to education and other services?  Or, will they continue on their “reverse Robinhood” crusade to take from the poor and middle class and give to the wealthy?  I think you know the answer.

Scott Walker - Strange Look

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin’s Republican governor and GOP leaders in several other states are facing increasing pressure to back off from deep spending cuts to education and social programs in light of higher than expected revenue projections as the economy improves.

The surge in revenue is giving rise to an awkward question — are the governors making the deepest cuts because they have to or because they choose to?

The issue is unfolding in Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Colorado and several other states where tax revenue forecasts have turned up just as legislatures are working through budget reduction packages.

In Wisconsin, local school board members and superintendents are pressing lawmakers and Gov. Scott Walker to scale back his proposed 8.4 percent cut in aid to public schools and 5.5 percent reduction in how much schools can collect from state money and property taxes combined. The Republican-controlled Legislature has backed Walker’s agenda so far, but did not reject this appeal outright.

Miles Turner, director of the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators, said the earlier cutbacks were based on a leaner budget outlook. Continuing with the entire reduction now, he said, would show “there’s a greater interest in following through with an ideological campaign against public education than there is to support public education.”


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