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Ravitch: “These are Perilous Times for Educators”

May 22, 2011

Diane Ravitch in a discussion at Lesley University.  This woman has been an incredible advocate of teachers in recent years.  I have to admit that when I read her book I was at first critical of her explanation for supporting No Child Left Behind.  She said that she was wrong and that now she is going out to set the record straight.  I wondered: “Why the turnaround in ideology?”

Well, I now believe Diane because her actions have backed up her words.  She is tirelessly out promoting teachers and ringing alarm bells for anyone who will listen.  TO MY AMAZEMENT, many educators that I personally know are not up to speed and educated on the trends that are looking to undermine the teaching profession.  It is non-excusable in my opinion to be an educator and not understand the seriously shifting winds that are abundant in the world today with regard to how we are educating our students, and how we as teachers are under serious attack by corporate entities with flowery sounding names which hide devious agendas.

Diane comes into the video at around 19 minutes so you can forward to that point if you like:

Lesley University Presents: A Conversation with Dr. Diane Ravitch from Lesley University Alumni on Vimeo.


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