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Teachers, Unions…and Ravitch under attack in this one…

May 24, 2011

The reason I am posting this article which I found on the reprehensible site of a reprehensible human being (Andrew Breitbart) is to let my fellow teachers know about the type of mind-set we are up against.  Notice the literal “end-zone dancing” type bravado of this author when he states:

“The desperation level of teachers’ unions and their apologists is growing by the day.  Ceding major ground in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, Idaho, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, the unions seem to be on the run.

They’ve done their best to negotiate compromises to fight another day.   The progress that education reformers have made in undercutting traditional union positions is staggering.  Ideals that have been the life blood of teachers unions – like seniority and tenure – are being outright abolished or severely weakened.”

You see, these people don’t want teachers to have jobs in which they are secure, or in which they have a modicum of safety about their work lives so that they can focus their energies on teaching students.  They want corporate control of everything!  If you are a new teacher in Florida under a newly passed law by right-wing Tea Party (convicted felon) Rick Scott you have NO tenure anymore.  Can you imagine the great new teachers that will be flocking to Florida to teach?  Neither can I.  Oh yeah, you can throw merit pay into the Rick Scott stew as well.

If you are brave enough, take the link above and read through the article.  Then, if you can keep your dinner down, read the comments at the end of the article, they get pretty nasty.  Somewhere along the line being a teacher has become a quite despicable profession.  These types of articles should be a clarion call to educators to strengthen our unions and become stronger.  We need to elect politicians who are STRONG and are willing to fight back against the right-wing creep that is currently bulldozing its way into the public sphere.


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