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CA Schools Still Struggling…

May 27, 2011

Education Budget Cuts

STOCKTON, Calif. — The financial crisis hitting many of the nation’s public schools is taking a heavy toll in cities such as Stockton, a blue-collar port city that struggles even in good times.

Perched on the edge of central California’s delta, about an hour south of the state capital, the city of nearly 300,000 has had some of the highest home foreclosure and unemployment rates in a state that has ranked high in both categories.

The hard times have spread to the local schools. Last year, the district laid off 100 teachers, gutted its summer school program and raised class sizes from 20 students to 30 in kindergarten through third grade.

Now, amid uncertainty over the state budget, the 37,000-student district is laying off nearly 500 teachers, counselors, custodians and other employees. It also is preparing to pack as many as 36 students into elementary school classrooms.

The Great Recession that began in late 2007 set in motion a building budget crisis for American public schools that is far from over.

I am hoping that we can get our budget issues solved in California and across this country.  Teachers are being laid off all across the state of California.  It really leads to a sense of “what I am doing is not important” amongst teaching staff, when the exact opposite is true.  As I have blogged about several times now California is THE most difficult environment to teach in in the United States as measured by pupil to teacher ration, which is a valid measure to gauge this metric.   The solution is NOT to fire more teachers, that is simply insane at this point – we all know it, but it continues nonetheless.


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