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NJ Supreme Court to Chris Christie…”pay up!”

May 30, 2011

The Supreme Court in NJ ordered Governor Chris Christie to pay the money (500 million) owed to schools in poor and mostly minority neighborhoods.

The NJ Supreme Court ruled in today’s decision that the State’s failure to fund the School Funding Reform Act (SFRA) caused “instructionally consequential and significant” harm to at-risk students in districts across the state. The Court also found that the harm to NJ schoolchildren from the funding cut is not a “minor infringement” to their right to a thorough and efficient education, but “a real substantial and consequential blow” to that right.

(First of all, that Christie has to be ordered to put money into poor neighborhoods which include many minorities is the perfect metaphor for Republican political tactics.  Christie has no ideological problem with cutting taxes for NJ’s millionaires while at the same time stripping education funding for the poor, nice guy).

However, because of the limited scope of the Abbott case, the Court ordered that the formula be fully funded in FY12 for students in only the 31 high-need, urban districts.

(When you act with malice, there are penalties to be had, it looks like the judge in this case ordered all high need districts to be funded.  Obviously this leaves out all other school districts which my teaching friends in NJ tell me are struggling.  I tell them, next voting season get active, elect someone who is not a swallower of Tea Party ideology, and schools will get the funding they need).


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