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San Diego Unified’s Pay Scale

June 11, 2011

Good article by Emily Alpert on the pay that teachers receive at San Diego Unified Schools.  It is Lower than surrounding districts but the benefits paid by the district are slightly higher for teachers.  For those who do not know, teacher salaries are public information and can be searched on any district’s web-site, usually under the Employment or Human Resources links on district pages.

My opinion is that for a young, healthy teacher, you are better off seeking out a district which has higher pay because you will most likely make less doctor visits and the higher pay will be able to be saved by you, and it will contribute more to your retirement.  Remember, teachers in CA don’t pay into Social Security, so a pension is all that we will receive in the way of steady income at retirement.  If you have budgeted yourself wisely, and received more salary over a career of teaching, you can also have investment income.

But if San Diego teachers and principals have enjoyed Cadillac benefits, their salaries look more like a Honda compared to nearby school districts. San Diego Unified has historically offered its workers a tradeoff: Put up with lower paychecks and we’ll put up the costs to keep you and your family healthy.

This is a good article because the issue of pay for SDUSD teachers is in the forefront right now with union negotiators.  My opinion, which counts for little, is that teachers should vote to extend furlough days in order to keep more teachers employed, thus lowering class sizes, thus enhancing teacher effectiveness in the classroom.

Veteran teachers probably don’t want to reopen negotiations and I completely understand their point of view as well.  But, if more cuts are needed, it is just better, in my opinion to share them out over all employees rather than giving more employees a full pink slip.


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