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No Child Left Behind…we need relief…

June 12, 2011

Good story on the National Education Association’s site about NCLB, here is a snippet from a teacher:

Today, [my principal told me] that I can only teach reading and math during the school day in my sixth grade class. Everyone is so scared to not make AYP, that this is the response that we are getting..I’m not allowed to teach science, social studies, and writing, [or] address the poverty students’ needs or those who are neglected in some form or another. Can I incorporate some of this into my reading and math? Yes, I can do that because I’m a great teacher who cares about a well-rounded student. But it won’t be enough. What do I tell my coworkers in middle school who teach these other subjects? There are major flaws in NCLB and they need [to be] fixed now.. Please help! 

I am currently teaching 4th grade and my students get no art, nor do they get music.  I try to let them utilize their creative skills to draw about their writing projects, but it is far from organized art, and I am no art teacher.  We still teach science, social studies and writing, but science and social studies (which I love) take a back seat to literacy and math, this is certainly because literacy and math are the areas where our students are tested most heavily.  My students get PE only once a week, and we can occasionally get to visit the library.  These are very different times under NCLB than when most of those reading this went to school.


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