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Charter School Magnate Influences Republican Party

June 20, 2011

David Brennan (pictured above) has been busy as of late.  This man runs runs a Charter School empire in Ohio, he has 31 schools and he has contributed over 5 million dollars to Republican candidates over the years.

I have stated over and over that there are some good charter schools, but the entire concept of taking public school money for private business enterprise is just inviting the nonsense that we see here with this “education mogul.”

David Brennanhas cast a long shadow over this year’s state budget.

The Akron charter-school magnatewho has given more than $5 million to Republican politicians dating back to the mid-’80s as he built a 31-school empire was the force behind a series of charter school amendments slipped into the GOP-controlled House’s budget bill in late April, House Speaker William G. Batchelder has said.

The amendments — which would allow for-profit operators to run schools without supervision and operators with terrible track records to open new schools — were roundly condemned, even by advocates within the charter schools movement.

Did you catch that?  Amendments allowing charters to run without supervision, and those who have repugnant track records would be able to open new schools?  Gee, what money won’t buy you in politics these days.  It gets worse…

Although they cost about twice as much in per-pupil funding, charter schools overall still lag behind Ohio’s largest school districts in state report card scores although the gap is narrowing. Brennan’s schools see some of the lowest rankings, with 20 of his 31 schools receiving rankings of academic watch or academic emergency.

Let me see if I get this straight, they cost twice as much and still lag behind Ohio’s public schools!  And David Brennan has some of the lowest rankings in the state.  Wow, this guy is a shoe-in for the next Republican Governor up there as in the new Republican party, white is black, up is down, hot is cold, and fiction is reality.

I encourage you to take the link above and read the article.  Again I will say it: “Teachers need to get active.”


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