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Excellent 5 page Write-Up on Diane Ravitch…

June 24, 2011


The article’s title is: Diane Ravitch, the Anti-Rhee.  I think that truly sums up how I think of both Diane Ravitch and Michelle Rhee.  One is tirelessly working on the behalf of teachers, the other is constantly seeking to harm teachers, guess which is which.  Speaking of working against teachers, Michelle Rhee (who as I have blogged about in the past states that she is a Democrat) has been busy working with Michigan Republicans on destroying collective bargaining rights for teachers in that state.  From Rhee’s test score scandalto lies on her resume, it amazes me that anyone trusts her.

I encourage all to read the links posted as well.  Also, two fellow teachers and I (JoDee & Julie) were talking yesterday and we were cogitating on the continued silence from the American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten on all of these issues?  Why has Diane become such a surrogate for teachers and where is the upper-echelon union representation which should be fighting attacks against teachers?

Where are you Randi?

File:Randi Weingarten 2008 cropped.jpg


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