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Good for Jerry Brown…!

July 2, 2011

The UnionTrib is out with a piece about a Law which Seeks to Protect Teacher’s jobs.  Well, God-Forbid, we can’t have a law like that can we?

Here is some background on what is going on found over at the San Diego Education Association’s site:

As part of the recent state budget signed by Governor Brown, CTA-endorsed legislation (Assembly Bill 114) was included and may have profound impacts on SDUSD’s continued refusal to recall all laid off educators. While CTA and SDEA have not yet completed an analysis of AB 114 in its final form, and Gov. Brown has not yet signed all the trailer bills, there is a growing consensus that this legislation will require that SDUSD’s Board and administration recall many if not most of the remaining layoffs.

Here is an excerpt from the state’s legislative analysis of the bill:

[AB 114] requires, for the 2011-12 fiscal year (FY) only, local [school districts], for the purposes AB 1200 budget certification, to project the same level of revenue limit funding it received in the 2010-11 FY and maintain staffing and program levels commensurate with this funding level. For the 2011-12 FY only, eliminates the requirement for a [school district] to demonstrate that it can meet its financial obligations for two subsequent FYs.

In a nutshell, this analysis means that SDUSD will be required to maintain staffing at rates nearly identical to those of last year, and this legislation would put an end to the arguments of Superintendent Bill Kowba and Trustees John Lee Evans and Scott Barnett that layoffs must continue due to possible budget deficits beyond next year. The Union-Tribune reported this morning that Governor Brown’s Finance Director Ana Matosantos said if layoffs are based on projected state cuts, then some if not all will have to be rescinded. Note that SDUSD has continually acknowledged that our District’s layoffs are based on projected state cuts in future years, not their current fiscal reality.

SDEA members’ continued persistent refusal to succumb to the District’s doom and gloom threats and their ongoing demands that we make further salary and benefit concessions appears to be paying off.

Naturally, Governor Brown’s act of signing this legislation is being met with howls of protest from the people who are intent on starving our schools of any and all funding (read the comments on the Union Trib article).  More from the Trib at the link above.  I recommend people read this article because this is what is happening in California right now, we have radicals in Sacramento who are pushing desperate de-funding legislation for our schools which will negatively affect both teachers and students.  Literally thousands of teachers have been laid off in recent years, yet – teachers are tasked with raising test scores and closing the achievement gap every day.  If we value our children, and we believe that they will be the future of this great state, it is time we stopped the nonsense and fully funded education.  Thank you Jerry!



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