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Joe Biden: “One of the Biggest Scams in History!”

July 3, 2011

Below is an absolutely MUST-SEE one minute video of Joe Biden speaking at the National Education Association (NEA).  In the clip Biden goes on to say that blaming budget shortfalls on teachers and other state workers is one of the “biggest scams in history.”  Yep, my feelings exactly!  Tax cuts for the wealthy?  Sure!  Tax cuts for corporations, oil companies, jet rides…sure why not!  Teachers making a decent salary and benefits with retirement…Hell No!

I have stated many times on this blog that there is a concerted effort in this country to destroy all unions and along with it the teaching profession as we know it along with the middle class.  Biden gives this fact a voice.  I am serious when I say that I wish Joe Biden were our President instead of Obama.  Joe seems to hit the right chords with me all the time and his wife is a long-time teacher.

Biden follows up that clip with another excellent one here in which he tells us that the Republican Party, the New Republican Party, is NOT your father’s Republican Party.  That statement should be evident to everyone reading this.  Biden is spot-on!  The current crop of Republicans are hell-bent ideological locusts (harsh but true) who hate anything connected with the Government.  We as teachers need to get politically active and remember that voting COUNTS!


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