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New California Budget and what it does…

July 3, 2011

For political nerds like I am turning out to be I was interested in drilling down past the hype and reading what the budget that Jerry Brown signed on June 28th actually does.  Here is a link to just that from the excellent California Budget Project site.  I remain cautiously optimistic about the budget estimates for the coming year.  It seems that November and December of 2011 are going to be critical in assessing how much revenue has been coming into state coffers – too little, more drastic cuts will be made.  Here are the specifics for K-12 education:

K-12 Education
The June 28 budget agreement:
 Defers approximately $2.1 billion of payments to schools from 2011-12 to 2012-13.
 Reduces revenue limit payments and establishes a 19.754 percent deficit factor for school districts and a 20.041
percent deficit factor for county offices of education in 2011-12. A deficit factor is the difference between
revenue limit payments, which provide general-purpose funding for school districts and county offices of
education, and the revenue limit funding level specified by state law.
 Adopts the Governor’s May Revision proposal to increase funding for mental health services by $221.8 million
and adjust the Proposition 98 guarantee upward to reflect the additional responsibility assigned to schools. The
budget agreement transfers responsibility for “AB 3632” state-mandated mental health services for special
education students – including out-of-home residential services – to school districts. In January, the Governor
proposed to use realignment revenues to fund AB 3632 services, which have historically been provided by
counties. In contrast, the June budget agreement removes mental health services for special education students
from the proposed realignment of program responsibilities to counties. The budget agreement also increases
2010-11 funding by $80 million to partially backfill a 2010-11 shortfall due to former Governor Schwarzenegger’s
veto of AB 3632 funding.
 Shifts excess property tax revenue from certain county offices of education to reimburse the state for trial court
costs for state General Fund savings of $50.0 million.
 Provides $6.6 million in federal funding for the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System
(CALPADS). The May Revision proposed to suspend CALPADS funding in 2011-12 pending a review of data
collection requirements. 4
 Provides $3.2 million for “Clean” Technology Partnership Academies. This program provides occupational
training for at-risk high school students.

People need to remember that these cuts are being made because of 5 GOP members in Sacramento who couldn’t find it in their hearts to allow Arnold’s increased tax rates to stay in place for another year or two.  I find it hard to swallow that thousands of good teachers and many students will have their lives disrupted over the money induced and fully corrupt ideology of these people.


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