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Supporting the Women Democrats of Wisconsin

July 14, 2011

Today, I stumbled across this article in the HuffingtonPost, the article is written by Stephanie Schriock who runs an organization called EMILY’S List.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the new zealotry exhibited every day by the far right wing fringe in our nation.  If they aren’t attacking public sector unions, they are attacking gay people, conservationists, climate scientists, poor people, children who receive health care via S-CHIP assistance, and a whole host of other common sense ideas.

At the same time that these groups are hacking away at common societal decency, they are protecting the richest among us.  They are opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy in this nation – these wealthy people are now enjoying the largest gap between the rich and the poor since the 1920’s.  They are opposed to closing tax loopholes which allow hedge fund managers to pay a 15% top tax rate on their income, rather than the 35% top rate that the rest of us pay.  They are opposed to closing corporate welfare to corporations like the oil companies who somehow receive government subsidies on top of the untold billions of dollars of profits that they rake in.  The Tea-Party nonsense is HURTING people, their agenda revolves around punishing the poor and middle class Americans so that they can keep the party rolling at the top of the income ladder.  

So, following this train of thought I started to think about what types of jobs are getting hurt right now in Republican run states, and the obvious answer are public sector workers such as teachers, local government workers, and attendants who help people in their homes.  As if that isn’t bad enough you have a political party which is now waging an all-out war on womens’ reproductive rights.  They claim to be the party of limited government, but that is only when they are not busy peering into a woman’s womb.  We need strong women to stand up and get involved in politics, we need more anti-Palin and anti-Bachman candidates to get politically active.  Enter, EMILY’s List, here are some excerpts from Stephanie’s article in HuffPost:

There was much to be inspired by in Wisconsin yesterday, where voters headed to the polls to cast their ballots in the Democratic primaries for the largest recall elections in the state’s history. What gets me fired up the most is that of the six Republican senators who backed Governor Walker’s radical agenda and now face recall elections, five are being challenged by strong, determined pro-choice Democratic women, who want to shift the focus back to the real priorities of Wisconsin families. Think about that! Five out of six. I’m so proud of all these women: Nancy Nusbaum, Sandy Pasch, Shelly Moore, Jessica King and Jennifer Shilling.

These women are teachers, nurses, small business owners, and community leaders. They’re moms, sisters, daughters, wives. Their roots go deep in Wisconsin and they know what really matters to Wisconsin families. Earlier this long, hot summer, EMILY’s List made the decision to go all out — to do everything we can to ensure these women are elected. We’ve been on air, on the ground and online, working to educate and remind voters that earlier this year, Governor Scott Walker and his Republican allies attacked Wisconsin workers, women and their families. Walker and his allies in the legislature pulled the rug out from under their constituents — gutting education by $800 million while handing out huge tax breaks to corporations and the super rich, attacking health care, and ending public employees’ ability to band together and negotiate fair wages.

Fundamentally, workers’ rights are a women’s issue. The public employees Governor Walker and his minions are targeting are teachers, local government workers, health and home care attendants. These are all predominantly female industries. Nationwide elementary school teaching is 95% female, and nursing is 90% female. These women deserve to keep their right to join together for a fair wage in order to provide for their families, especially in an economy where more and more women are the sole income earners for their households.

This summer, I’ve been all over the country. I’ve talked to women in Texas, Montana, Maine, Illinois, and everywhere in between. It’s hard enough out there — with women making 78 cents on the dollar compared to men — without legislators making it harder, and women have noticed, trust me. In Wisconsin, women voters know what an uphill struggle it is to keep families stable and thriving when the government puts corporate profits over bread-and-butter priorities like access to health care, decent education for their children, and a fair wage. And in Wisconsin, we’re seeing the future: replacing the legislators who sold women and their families out with women who will fight for us every day.

Because what’s happened in Wisconsin isn’t unique. The right wing agenda being pushed by Scott Walker and his cronies is being pushed by Republicans in Ohio. In Florida. In states throughout the country. Republicans have waged an all out war on American women, and the GOP’s overreach across the country and particularly in Wisconsin have sparked a national wave of buyers’ remorse. Now the EMILY’s List community — nearly one million strong — is fired up and fighting back.

Our time is now because the stakes are simply too high. What we’re seeing in Wisconsin — women and families saying, no more, and fighting for elect strong, practical, pro-woman, pro-family Democratic women can and will happen in states throughout the country. At EMILY’s List, we’re going to take the momentum from Wisconsin and use it to elevate women’s voices and women’s rights everywhere.

It’s not magic — it’s hard work. It’s women making some time to join Team EMILY — calling voters in critical races and talking about what’s at stake. It’s women (and men!) looking at that weekly budget and figuring out if there’s just a little left over to help some other EMILY’s List woman run for office. It’s knocking on doors and driving folks to the polls no matter how hot it is. Because on election day in Wisconsin in August, we’ll see five amazing women elected to set the state on a new path. And that new path will take us through small towns in the Midwest, big cities in the southwest, from coast and everything in between — changing the direction of our country by electing pro-choice Democratic women. Women like Shelly Moore, a teacher who’s fighting back against cuts to the classroom by running for office herself. Like Jessica King, who worked her way from foster care through law school and into public service, and who knows what supports families need to thrive. Join us to elect women like them in Wisconsin and throughout the country. 

I encourage readers to click through the links in this post.  Get politically active, get involved.  Remember, in California on July 30th, in Sacramento, there is a huge rally put on by the Save Our Schools organization, it is one small way to get out, get involved, and be part of a growing movement to take back public policy from the hands of insanity.


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