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Obama to Grant NCLB Waivers…

August 9, 2011

We knew it was going to come to this didn’t we?  With the absolutely unreasonable demands of NCLB it has always been pretty obvious that the law was either going to need to be changed, or waivers of some sort would have to be granted.

Well, according to Education Week in this article, waivers will be forthcoming to states.  So, it seems pretty simple right?  The onerous demands of NCLB can’t be met so waivers will be granted until the law can be rewritten, that makes sense.

Well, Captain Arne Duncan just can’t seem to make it that simple, down towards the end of the article we find this little nugget:

Although the administration does not intend to announce the final details until September, sources who have been briefed on the plans already have helped fill in the blanks. The waiver plan will be an all-or-nothing, take-it-or-leave-it package—no a la carte picking-and-choosing allowed. In exchange for a waiver from the 2014 deadline and more funding flexibility, states would have to adopt college- or career-ready standards, propose their own differentiated accountability systems, and adopt teacher evaluation systems based in part on student growth on state tests.

So, this is how Washington works now I guess.  You can’t even grant a waiver to an irresponsible law without trying to get something in exchange.  In other words, hostage taking.  You want a waiver, well, you “adopt teacher evaluation systems based in part on student growth on state tests.”  Duncan is a disgrace!  The hits just keep coming with this administration and with Arne Duncan.


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