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Promise Charter School in San Diego Will Close

August 11, 2011

Don’t have a lot of time today but I thought I would pass this piece along from 10NewsSanDiego.  It seems that Promise Charter in San Diego will be shutting its doors for:

…the school district said the Promise Charter School mismanaged its money, failed to comply with its charter and violated several state laws including laws requiring the school to report instances of child abuse.

I hope that people will begin to realize that charter schools are not some kind of magic entity that can miraculously “fix” education.  Quite the opposite, when you have a public school as well as a charter school in areas with high poverty and challenging students both will struggle with test scores.  Here is the rest of the article:

Earlier this year, an investigation by the 10News I-Team exposed several reports of inappropriate behavior between former teacher Jose Valencia and his preteen female students.

“A couple [teachers] were the bad apples of this school, which gave the bad rap for this school,” said Jose Villaescuza, whose son attended the Promise Charter School.

 Villaescuza said his family was devastated by the school’s closure. He also said he is having a hard time finding a new school for his son.

 Villaescuza and other parents blamed Richard Barrera, the president of the SDUSD board, for not working with the Promise Charter School to keep it open.

 Some parents created a website called Those parents plan to put up a massive billboard calling Barrera the “Corrupt Official of the Year.”

 Barrera returned a call from 10News but declined to comment.

 The board’s 4-1 decision followed a lengthy investigation which began earlier this year.

 A district spokesman said the displaced students will be welcomed into their neighborhood public school.


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