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Interesting Interactive Map on SDCity School Layoffs

August 28, 2011

Click through to link to the interactive map:

More than 1,000 teachers were warned this spring that they could be laid off. Then the state budget shifted. San Diego Unified canceled some layoffs before they even happened and rehired hundreds of teachers at its elementary schools. How has it all shaken out?

Earlier this year we broke down how different schools could be hit by teacher layoffs. The map showed that schools in impoverished neighborhoods were more likely to lose and replace teachers, because they tend to have newer teachers, and the newest teachers are generally the first to lose their jobs.

Now that San Diego Unified has spared hundreds of those teachers, how have those patterns changed? Here’s an updated map for elementary schools.

Red schools lost 30 percent or more of their teachers. Orange schools fall between 20 and 30 percent, yellow ones between 10 and 20 percent, and green ones below 10 percent. Blue schools have no teachers who are still laid off. This information was provided to the school board earlier this week.

However, this does show you why many elementary schools are breathing a sigh of relief this fall. You can see that the hardest-hit schools still tend to be south of Interstate 8, but there are far fewer orange schools and no red ones. And these numbers could still change: Schools are hoping that as teachers are placed and the school year begins, the school district will be able to rehire more.Unlike our last map, this only includes elementary schools, so this doesn’t show the impacts on middle and high schools, some of which are still losing a lot of their teachers. I’m seeking similar data for middle and high schools; I’ll create a similar map for secondary schools when I get it.


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