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Obama’s Plan Could Fund CA Schools

September 22, 2011

It has been an incredibly busy week, and year thus far.  There is always more to do even after I have spent 11 hours on average at school everyday.  It was like that for me last year as well until everything started to gel.  I am hoping this year follow suit.  I found this article in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.  It is just one MORE reminder why, if you are in education, and you are reading this, you need to vote Democrat, or even vote Independent if that candidate supports public education and common sense.

President Barack Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act could provide some $3.1 billion for California schools, giving Santa Clarita Valley school districts relief from state budget cuts, officials said Monday.

The money would help school district leaders across the state prevent layoffs in some 30,000 education jobs, according to state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson.

California has cut $18 billion in public education funding over the last three years. Within the Santa Clarita Valley, school districts have dealt with the cuts by increasing class sizes, laying off support positions and educators, and cutting days in the school year.

“If any of it actually gets to Newhall School District in support of our instructional programs, I’d welcome it,” Newhall School District Superintendent Marc Winger said Monday of Obama’s proposed jobs act.

Because the act is still a proposal, details were unavailable on how much money local school districts would receive.

The American Jobs Act is Obama’s $35 billion proposal to help states and cities beat the economic recession.

Torlakson last week praised the president’s effort, saying the money would provide emergency relief and put educators back to work. 

A portion of the money would also be set aside to modernize and upgrade California’s oldest schools, Torlakson said.

The proposal comes as California’s leaders consider the possibility of mid-year budget cuts. State revenue projections are expected to fall short, leaving the door open to funding cuts before the year is over.

Further cuts would put even more of a burden on schools.

“You cannot expect the resources to be there if you’re not going to fund them,” said Suzan Solomon, Newhall School District board president.

In 2009, Santa Clarita Valley school districts received $8 million from the federal government as part of Obama’s previous stimulus package. 

The one-time money lasted about two years.


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