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Reforming the Reformers

September 27, 2011

Good article on the HuffingtonPost about reforming the education reformers.  These “reformers” continue on in the face of mounting empirical evidence that what they are doing is not working.  Example:

According to Ravitch, the policies that do not work, although still in the forefront of the “reformers” agenda are: “privately managed charter schools, evaluations of teachers on the basis of their students’ test scores, acceptance of a recently developed set of national standards in reading and mathematics, and agreement to fire the staff and close the schools that have persistently low scores.” Yet it seems that lacking empirical evidence that they are effective in improving student learning, these “solutions” have been implemented and expanded in many states as if the policies were run by a bunch of drunken steamroller drivers plunging into a Sunday school picnic.

The link to the article is above, I recommend everyone read it.


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