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Teachers: You Want to Sign this Petition

October 2, 2011

Take this LINK and Sign:

Dear Senators: 

The recent passage of H.R. 2218, the Empowering Parents Through the Quality Charter Schools Act by the House of Representatives is equally troubling. The nation’s teachers are not alone in their condemnation of this potential federal mandate to implement Charter Schools in every state. 

The Association of School Administrators has also raised concerns that H.R.2218 will harm the commitment to properly fund public schools by siphoning money through the voucher system to private charter schools falsely labeled as “Public Charters”. 

While some effective charter schools exist, significant fraud and abuse of the public trust has occurred across the nation among charter schools and their operators. We are witnessing a re-segregating of our nation’s schools in the areas of: 

1. Race 
2. Class 
3. Ability 
4. Sexual Orientation 
5. Language 

We are equally concerned that the interest of corporations and wealthy individuals has corrupted education policy in a way which will irreparably change the focus of education from one of success, learning, and accomplishment for children; to one designed merely for profit by corporations. 

We the undersigned feel that a unique opportunity exists for you to reaffirm your commitment to education for all of America’s children by VOTING NO – against H.R. 2218. 

Your NAY VOTE will be a clear signal that you are not taking the side of corporate money and Wall Street hedge funders. It will be a firm gesture that indicates your genuine concern for the nation’s children, teachers and schools. 





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  1. This is an excellent letter, but many other Charter issues have been realized. For example, many do not have open board of director meetings or financial statements. How are these publicly-funded schools not required to full-disclosure like regular school districts?

    Also, the lack of organized labor usually means the business model of a Charter is of high turnover. With such a top-down managment style (versus a collaborative team found at public school, such as a School Site Council), the most desperate and inexperienced teachers are at charters! Is this really the model our nation wants to see education evolve into? NO lunch breaks, long afterschool meetings, financial instability, employees-at-will who come and go, and disgruntled employees? Sure some exceptions may exist, but this new experiment of a Charter is not on solid ground in this country!

  2. You are correct. The Charter experiment is not on solid ground, but that doesn’t mean it won’t continue. The entire existence of the corporate model is to maximize profits, this doesn’t work when applied to teaching children, especially children with extremely diverse needs such as the ones in our classrooms today.

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