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Dan Rather Reports: Bad Scores

October 3, 2011

From: Dan Rather Reports.  This is a very interesting video clip in that it lays bare the claim that our students will be assessed on higher order thinking skills.  For more on the higher order thinking skills claim please visit this link from Valerie Strauss over at the always excellent WashingtonPost Answer Sheet Blog.  Here is a blip from that article:

The Obama administration is supporting efforts that it says will create tests linked to the Common Core standards that actually assess “higher order thinking” and will ensure that all children are “college-ready.” Education Secretary Arne Duncan has asserted that these tests will not just be “fill-in-the-bubble tests” but rather will be open ended. Sounds good, right? Has Mr. Duncan actually examined the open-ended tests that currently exist?

Now take a look at this video from Dan Rather Reports.  It is disheartening to say the least.  I told my fourth graders last year to write as much and as neatly as possible because they were being assessed by the State of California on their writing.  Seeing how these graders actually grade, that was probably good advice.


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