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Why Do People Pay This Woman? Michelle Rhee Rakes It In

October 29, 2011

What you are seeing below is the speaking contract for Michelle Rhee that the always excellent Valerie Strauss at the Answer Sheet blog at the Washington Post got a hold of.

From the article:

How much money do you think Michelle Rhee, former Washington D.C. schools superintendent who now runs an organization called StudentsFirst, charged a regional 11,000-student campus in the Kent State University public system to speak about school reform?

Did you guess a few thousand dollars? Wrong. Ten thousand? Wrong. Twenty?

In these tough economic times, when education budgets are being slashed, Rhee signed a contract (see below) with Kent State University at Stark to be paid $35,000 to speak to about 600 people, plus expenses of not more than $5,000 that the school was to provide, including:

— first-class airfare

— a VIP hotel suite

— meals and “all reasonable incidentals”

— town car and driver for ride from Rhee’s home to the airport, airport to the hotel, hotel to the engagement “or any combination thereof”

Because the venue was a school, the event was tax-exempt and therefore the part of the contractor labeled “RESPONSIBILITY for EVENT-RELATED TAXES” was crossed out.

What value has Michelle Rhee passed along to people that would warrant a fee of $35,000, first class airfare, a VIP hotel suite, all meals and reasonable incidentals and a town car and driver (are you telling me that this woman can’t pick up a rental car?)?

Michelle Rhee was the Superintendent of Washington DC public schools where she went on a teacher and principal firing spree and is now embroiled in ErasureGate, a test-cheating scandal which she still refuses to answer for.  If you ever want to know what a speaking contract looks like for a “star” browse one below.

The contract was generated by a Los Angeles talent agency, again, what talent of value is gained by booking Michelle Rhee?  Will she provide valuable insight in how to fire hard-working teachers, or bust up teachers’ rights to collectively bargain?  Maybe she will teach all in the audience how to cheat on nationalized tests, brag about her results, then blame people under her when the scandal hits.

Shame on Kent State for approving this fee.  Aren’t colleges in fiscal trouble nowadays?  How was this payment justified by college administrators?  If I were a campus or local reporter in Ohio, I would be asking these questions.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    This is thoroughly disgusting.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    This is thoroughly disgusting….

  3. Yes, it is. This woman has caused so much destruction throughout the ranks of hard-working teachers and she is treated like a movie-star. That qualifies as thoroughly disgusting in my book as well.

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