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Right-Wing Attacks on Labor

November 6, 2011


I want to remind the people who read this blog that we are entering into an election year.  What everyone needs to keep in mind is that teachers, and all public sector employees need to vote for candidates who will support labor.  The right-wing in this country has been very successful waging a campaign against unions of all forms, from public sector unions to the National Labor Relations Board.

The link above shows what the House Republicans have been busy doing.  If you were thinking that they may have been busy trying to create jobs, well…you are wrong.  The link opens up into a big PDF document which shows the endless Republican attacks on Labor.  It is disgraceful!  This voting season I am hoping candidates highlight this type of activity as the Republican party has what is left of the middle class directly in its cross-hairs.  It is time for the middle class in this country to elect people who will fight for us, and not the wealthy corporations.


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