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Must View Video: Bill Moyers on Plutonomy

November 18, 2011

I must admit to having deep respect for Bill Moyers.  I am not the kind of person who goes to concerts, or places someone else up on a pedestal, or who is in the least bit enthralled by public personalities, and I certainly couldn’t give  a shit about the latest dance contestant on TV.

But, when I lived in Seattle, I actually paid to go and see Bill Moyers.  It was a packed house and he was excellent.  I would like my readers to watch this video clip, really watch it.  Moyers as usual hits the nail on the head as to why we are in such trouble as a nation.  We are a country which has legislated wealth upwards for the past few decades, it is immoral, and it is disgusting, and it has to stop.  Enjoy this clip, and pass it around:


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