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Iowa GOP Voters Favor Killing the Department of Education

December 9, 2011

All you really need to know about GOP Voters is summed up in the title to this blog post.  The US Department of Education has long been a thorn in the side of Republicans.  Maybe because teachers are middle-class Americans, and if there is one thing that Republicans love to line up against, it is middle-class America.

Just the idea that GOP Voters favor vanquishing the Dept. of Education is troubling, it shows you just how far a constant stream of right-wing media personalities can push an entire electorate, it is sad…and stunning to me.  Education Week has a blog post about this issue, it is definitely worth a read.

Getting rid of the U.S. Department of Education is high on the wish list of Republican voters in Iowa, who next month will hold the first-in-the-nation caucus to select a GOP presidential nominee.

Campaign 2012

More than half of likely caucusgoers or 54 percent of those surveyed byThe Des Moines Register, want to scrap the department. One voter interviewed by the Register said she thinks K-12 policy should be a state and local responsibility, a common belief among conservatives.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas have all called for getting rid of the department. Meanwhile, frontrunners former Gov. Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich have said they want to scale back the federal role in education.

That’s a marked change from a decade ago, when then-candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush emphasized his interest in education to establish his credentials as a “compassionate conservative.”

Still, shuttering 400 Maryland Ave. is not as easy it might sound. And the idea may not play well in the general election, since voters tend to interpret being against the Education Department as being against education, analysts say.

If you are reading this, especially if you are a teacher, get active, talk to your friends and family.  Republicans are NOT your friend if you are a middle-class denizen of this country.  Food for thought.


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  1. Grace Valentine permalink

    In 1998, after a year of the Bersin reforms in SDUSD, many of us starting saying that it was impossible to be both a Republican and a teacher. We so know how it feels to be Cassandra. A colleague back in those days called me subversive, but wasn’t really able to tell me what it meant – this is the true problem in teaching. She was just parroting the bosses, to keep her patronage intact. The universal soldier = the universal teacher. Just sayin.

  2. Grace Valentine permalink

    Oh yeah, once an entity is larger than the ability of its constituents to know each other by name, it becomes a tool of the political machine in power at any time. I am so far left I meet myself on the right on this one, mos’ def’ the big machines must be disassembled – but only when the people are capable of stepping up and organizing their communities. We are the Blue Monkeys!

  3. I have worked with quite a few Republican teachers, very conservative ones too and have had a few discussions with them. They have a form of cognitive dissonance which keeps them from being able to face, or realize that the very party that they are a member of is actually trying to destroy their livelihoods as well as their retirements. It is really kind of crazy how any thinking person cannot see this.

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