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More on Bullis Charter School

December 16, 2011

In November I posted about Bullis Charter School in Taxpayers Paying for Millionaires Kids to go to school.  I had some interesting comments about that post and one person who is directly affected by what is happening sent me this link to try to get the story out.

Since we are in super-busy season and I just completed my third IEP this month before the break yesterday afternoon I haven’t had the time to review the site but thought my readers could check it out and comment if they wanted to.  I would like to learn more about what is happening in Silicon Valley with regard to using taxpayer money to fund Charters for multi–millionaires.

Follow the link and check out the site:

Criticism and Commentary for Bullis Charter School, Los Altos, CA

This site is dedicated to bringing information and “ammunition” to Los Altos and Hills parents and citizens who wish to stop our public schools from being shut down.

Other concerned parents across the USA should also take heed: the battle going on in Los Altos is one that may come you your town as well. Boutique Charter Schools are on the rise and threaten to kick thousands of kids out of the schools they love.

Bullis Charter School was founded by a small, vengeful group of millionaires and billionaires and their high-paid lawyers. The public school near them (now re-opened asGardner Bullis School) temporarily closed for renovations. This made them very angry.

Instead of starting a private school–trivial for people of these means–this group chose the nastiest, most divisive, most disruptive path their high-paid lawyers could dream up to get back at the community: they created a Charter school and started suing the local School District.

Even though the school that was closed is now re-opened, they continue to fight the District and–get this–they even want to close the school that was re-opened, disrupting the education for hundreds of kids and damaging the local community.

Make no mistake: this school is not about “innovation in education” or “offering an alternative” and certainly not “saving money” (millionaires and billionaires don’t care about such things). Those are all just excuses.

This school was started because some rich people got mad at some school district administrators. It was all very personal.

There is nothing “innovative” about taking over a school in one of the most successful school districts in the USA and making it “successful”. The test scores at this school are actually much lower than they should be, given that they select only students within our top-ranking school district who can afford the $5000/year per-student “tuition”.

This site was created by LASD parents who want to stop this insanity. Our task will not be easy. We are up against some of the richest families in Silicon Valley. All we can do is make our voice heard, and make sure everybody knows the truth. Bullis Charter School supporters have a history of lying to get what they want. They think the citizens of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills are stupid sheep who will believe anything they put on a lawn sign or a paper flyer.

Using this site and every other method of getting the word out, we will expose lies,offer materials to counter their relentless marketing machine, and let parents know vital newsto keep abreast of this important battle for the soul of our community.



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