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Judge Upholds Controversial Mexican Studies Class Ban

December 29, 2011

Once upon a time when I attended a Latin American Studies (Chicano) class during my undergrad degree at the University of Washington, Seattle, I remember feeling that the professor giving the class was incredibly biased towards Hispanics and was quite insensitive of her anglo students.

I am a pretty liberal thinker, and I pride myself on having an open mind, so for me to feel uncomfortable with this professor you know it had to be pretty bad, I am not kidding you, it really was.  There was a constant barrage of negativity towards anything “white” – there were frequent references to the Reconquista Movement where Mexico would rise up and take back the region from West Texas, across the Southwest States and into California.  I felt so uncomfortable that I spoke to the head of the History department about it.  He told me he was well aware of her class and that he wanted me to take notes on what she was saying, which I didn’t do.

Anyhow, even though I felt pretty uncomfortable being bashed in that class each day, I never thought that the class should be banned, but then again, I am not a judge in Tucson.


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