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Chile Rising

January 9, 2012

In an absolutely fantastic video from AlJazeera’s Fault Line series the current education protests in Chile are examined.  I know what you are saying: “What education protests in Chile?”

I understand the question because we in the U.S. are basically sequestered when it comes to obtaining real, and relevant news.  I have found the Russian Television’s news site, is fantastic, to combat this phenomena, so is AlJazeera English, they provide a world view and an interesting array of stories that you will almost never find on cable or network news in the U.S.

Just let me set up this video for you very briefly.  Chile has been going through a massive reorganization of its society.  They are in the midst of privatizing EVERYTHING in this country, from basic water rights, to their version of Social Security, to public education.

Now, students are protesting what they correctly view as an education system which is perpetuating one of the most bifurcated countries in South America with regard to income disparities between the wealthy and the poor.  If you aren’t worried about privatization efforts in the U.S. via the Charter School system, watch this video and project out a decade or so to see where we could be headed.


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