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Why Do I Moderate Comments?

February 11, 2012

Some people have asked me why I moderate comments on this blog.  They have even been quite vociferous in pointing out to me that this should be a “wide-open” site for everyone to post whatever they want at any time.

Well, at first I didn’t moderate any comments, I just let people put up any old comment that they wanted to.  Then, someone started posting who basically wanted me to argue with them all day long and wanted me to research the basis of their argument to boot, it was at this point that I started moderating comments.

Another reason I now moderate comments is since this site now receives a fairly hefty amount of page views daily I get some real right-wing freaks who like to post links to their utter grist mills of propaganda.  I know, the amount of page views I now get is paltry compared to some blogs but my number has been growing steadily month to month.

Examples of these attempts at posting in my comments section abound, just today I had an excellent example of pure right-wing buffoonery.  Some pasty, over-weight, buffoon today tried to add a comment on this blog today.  I will not post his link here because I have no inclination to drive traffic to another right-wing blowhard.  When I went to his site all that I saw was how Unions have destroyed America.

Yes, it was all unions.  It wasn’t NAFTA, or off-shoring of jobs, or a wholesale sellout to big industry.  I wonder how a wizard like this guy explains Finland, Germany and other Northern European nations who are heavily unionized and do quite well while consistently polling as the happiest and most content people in the world.

Lastly, this is my blog, and I am not trying to sound like a petulant child, but if you want to post something relevant, I am all for it.  If you are a far-right, bible thumping bigot…just keep you and your hate sites to yourself.


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