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Bill Maher on Republicans Dividing America

February 14, 2012

You have got to love Bill Maher if you are a level-headed thinker.  I mean, Bill actually thinks, and he is funny to boot.  I don’t know what happened to the political right in this country but Maher has it pegged – they basically dislike most of the American populace.

If you are gay: We don’t like you.  If you are from the left-coast: Go Away!  If you read or are intellectually curious: Fogettabout it!  I was talking to someone this weekend where I mentioned that the Republican Party is doing itself in, its voting base is shrinking, young people don’t hate gays like their fathers and grandfathers do.  Young people are much more accepting, they also aren’t vehemently against immigration.  What will the Republicans do?  I will tell you: They are going to attack, attack, and attack some more.  The will go after teachers, teachers unions, any unions for that matter, they will race-bait Obama, you will hear dog-whistle calls which will become less and less veiled, and they will still lose which will literally drive them insane.

If you are a clear-thinking middle of the road type American, who are you going to vote for.  The Jesus freak who wants to climb into every woman’s womb, who wants prayer in all classrooms, who wants millionaires and billionaires to pay even less in taxes, who wants to abolish the department of education and gut the clean air act, who denies evolution, who denies global warming, who wants to dismantle social security and funnel that money to the criminals on Wall Street?  Is that really who you are going to vote for?  For some reason, I don’t think so.

Enjoy Bill Maher:



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