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More on Value-Added Teacher Assessments

March 4, 2012

I guess you could say that Value-Added Teacher Assessments are on my mind lately.  For my readers who are teachers I suggest that you start understanding what these measurements are, and what they are being designed for.  Here is a short video primer for you with regard to 6 inaccuracies of VAMs.



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  1. Valid assessment about assessment, but I think leaders (and their ministers of education) in all Commonwealth countries should spend more time ASSESSING and IMPROVING the efficiency of the language which underpins every single aspect of learning. English is beset with the worst spelling system ever created (and not reformed) for a Western modern language and the scores show it (if one discounts the countervailing methods taking to improve scores) on PISA, an international assessment. Speaking of which, Finnish has the best spelling system ever created (Estonian was reformed using Finnish) and Finnish students scored 3 times in a row as top or near the top those tests. Also, Estonian students have beaten a lot of countries that have “richer” educational systems! Could it be that the language that underpins every single aspect of learning be one of the important causes of some of the ailments that besets the educational system of all the Commonwealth countries? For a more thorough explanation, go to

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