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Encounter with a Sperm Whale: How Cool is this?

March 31, 2012

I came across this short video clip of two divers encountering a sperm whale in the open ocean and kind of thought it was really awesome!

For those of you who haven’t brushed up on your Melville lately, Moby Dick, was a sperm whale, the great menace/demon who would bring sailors to the watery depths of the ocean in his quest for carnage.  Unfortunately for them, sperm whales were once one of the most highly prized whales to the denizens of early New England:

That particular species of whale was highly prized. Not only did it have the blubber and bone that other whales had, but it possessed a unique substance called spermaceti, a waxy oil found in a mysterious organ in the massive head of the sperm whale.

Anyhow, when I saw this video, I thought of how we, as a species, almost decimated this magnificent animal, and how important it is to value the world around us.




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