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Eliot Spitzer on Obama…

April 14, 2012

People who know me know that I like our President, I really like his wife too.  But, I have two major quarrels with Mr. Obama: The first has to do with his choosing of Arne Duncan as the Secretary of Education – this was a drastic choice for teachers and it isn’t over yet.

The second has been his light-handed response to the masters of the universe, the denizens of Wall Street whose casino-like gambling mentality and funding of easy mortgages set us up for an epic housing bubble which ultimately collapsed under its own weight…then, you and I, the tax-payers, bailed these very same people out.  This was criminal behavior, capitalism on the way up, socialism on the way down…tragic really.

In the clip below, Eliot Spitzer really speaks the truth.  He identifies Tim Geithner as a protector of Wall Street and I think Spitzer is spot-on accurate!



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