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Diane Ravitch on High-Stakes Testing

April 19, 2012

Diane Ravitch has an excellent chat with Grassroots Education Movement (GEM) on high-stakes testing and its impact on both students and teachers.  This is a good video that is very worth 19 minutes of your time.

Also, I hadn’t known this but there is an upcoming movie titled: “The Inconvenient Truth Behind High-Stakes Testing” that this video was shot for.  I am not crazy about the title as I wasn’t a big fan of Al Gore’s alarmist movie…although I do believe that man-made actions are responsible for a lot of global warming.  At any rate, bad title or not, the interview is excellent!

I am beginning to see more and more resistance to high-stakes testing in groups around the country.  When/if these groups reach a critical mass we will see a real showdown as the opposition to high-stakes testing is the very well-funded and reform movement.

Make sure to listen around minute 16 – at that point Diane talks about the lunacy of how tests are somehow the ultimate measure of a teacher’s performance.  As teachers we owe Diane Ravitch a lot as she has really been tireless in advancing our cause.


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