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Disturbing Facts About the Media…

May 20, 2012

I have always liked Dan Rather, always…he just seemed “real” to me when I saw him on the news.  I have seen him on old clips from his frontline reporting in Vietnam, and he was really good.

Here is the 81 year old Dan Rather in an interview with Bill Maher.  One of the important issues they discuss is the consolidation of the news media.  Just thirty years ago there were as many as 50 news outlets across this country…we are now DOWN TO 6!  Yes, you read that right, SIX!

The problem, as any rational human being can see is that with only six corporations disseminating major news events they are free to push agendas, and anti-tax, anti-labor are two of their favorites.

If you want real news, real stuff, not the bullshit that we get through our cable companies, visit these outlets:

Democracy Now – Amy Goodman is a national treasure.

Al Jazeera English – Excellent site – fantastic in-depth reporting from around the world.

BBC World News – Truly fantastic site with everything you need to know.

Russian Television – I love their tag-line: Question More


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