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June 13, 2012

I found the below to be interesting.  It comes from the Schools Matter blog and it discusses why there is such a push for Charter Schools in urban areas.

I admit that the impetus for me in examining why some wealthy groups want to do away with public education in favor of Charters is because they view Charters as a way to break teacher unions.  I say this because I believe it to be true.  The public sector unions in this country (police, firemen, teachers, state and county workers) are the ONLY unions left that still carry some political strength.  If those were to be crushed, as they were in Wisconsin recently, the wealthy 1% will really have full control with no one to oppose them.  This is in part because of the disastrous Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision which allows unlimited money to flow from shadowy wealthy and corporate backers directly into candidate’s campaign war chests.

Interesting stuff and definitely food for thought:

1.  Urban charter schools require minimal public investment in physical plants, library programs, the arts, science labs, athletics, personnel, and transportation infrastructure.

2.  Urban charter schools are cheaper because they depend upon an endless stream of young beginning teachers with few benefits, no retirement payouts, and no collective bargaining.
3.   Urban charter schools make it easy to segregate based on race, economics, gender, and disability.

4.   Urban charter schools allow for the exclusion or dumping of problem students whose abilities, behaviors, or test performance that could damage to the charter brand.
5.   Urban charter schools make it easier to hide the problems of the poor by pointing to testing success by those who survive the charter gauntlet.

6.   Urban charter schools allow for the imposition of cultural and psychological control techniques in urban areas that are not subject to public scrutiny.

7.    Urban charter schools put decision-making and control into the hands of unelected executives with no oversight beyond hand-picked board members.

8.    Urban charter schools (not for profit CMOs) allow corporations and wealthy donors to reap huge tax benefits for their generosity to corporate charter schools.

9.    Urban charter schools (for profit EMOs) expand business opportunities for the education industry & testing-industrial complex.
10. Urban charter schools make it possible to take the state tax dollars saved from the forced choice of urban charters and use that money to enrich suburban public schools without raising taxes.

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