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Protests Against High-Stakes Testing…

June 25, 2012

I think as the push-back against the high-stakes testing regime that has been slowly eroding students’ and teachers’ collective sanity grows it will start to encounter opposition from some very deep-pocketed interests.  NCLB was GW’s baby, and it is backed (with all its flaws) by many who are not teachers…I mean, what politician could go against a law titled “No Child Left Behind” right?  The nomenclature for NCLB was genius in its deceptiveness.

Students should be assessed…remember report cards?  I am not advocating no testing for students.  What I am saying as a person with first hand knowledge from being in schools, is that there is TOO much testing, and the testing is being used for ALL manner of things (jobs, API scores, funding, etc…) other than to be a measure of an individual student.

Many schools have cut out science, art, music, vocational/technical options, etc…it really is a disservice to our students and I am happy to see more people recognizing this fact.  People really need to watch this video!  The hypocrisy of elected officials who send their children to private schools (which opt out of these high-stakes tests) but force public school children into testing is something that needs more light shone upon it.


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