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Noam Chomsky on Why Some Listen to the Wrong Message

July 8, 2012

I have always liked listening to and reading Noam Chomsky.  I have linked his video Manufacturing Consent before in my posts and will again below.  In the 3 minute clip below Mr. Chomsky (in 2009) gives one of the best rationales for why people vote, behave, and believe things that are contradictory to their own self-interests.  Basically, they are fed this information via a right-wing sounding board.

These people are angry, and rightfully so, they have seen their wages decrease, their benefits and retirement savings disappear, their jobs which they used to take pride in have been off-shored…again…they are angry.  Instead of looking at why this has happened many of these people have turned to Rush, Fox News, or other right-wing talk radio pariahs and this is where they are told it is the “rich liberals” who have taken your earnings and are giving it to minorities, illegal immigrants, etc…

The right-wing now has their own parallel (bizarro) universe where Rush, Hannity, Savage, Malkin, Beck and a whole host of other rabid conservative voices espouse all manner of crazy tin-foil hat theories about democrats and liberals.  After awhile, people who only get their news from these sources and never seek out their own information become susceptible to believing this nonsense.  Hence, we have millions of people who on a daily basis are pummeled with erroneous information, it is sad…and stunning at the same time!

If you have the time and want to spend a fascinating 2 hours…watch Noam in his younger years, this video has a debate with William F. Buckley – it was really interesting:


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