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Legitimate Rape…?@!

August 27, 2012

In honor of the absolutely clueless and disgusting comments from Missouri Republican Representative Todd Akin where he proposes that there is something called “Legitimate Rape” and during a “Legitimate Raping” a woman can magically combat the rapist’s sperm in her uterus (yes, this is what he is saying), I am posting this video by Taylor Ferrara.

Her video is creative and it drives the point home with crystal clarity that if you are a woman, and you value what you CAN do with your own body…you really might want to be a bit more informed before you cast ANY vote with an (R) at the end of the person’s name.  Well, that is my take on her video…you may see it differently…but, if you are a reader of mine, I bet we are on the same page.



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