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Bill Moyers with Neil Barofsky…

October 28, 2012

Bill Moyers is simply excellent!  No wonder he is always being attacked by the big-banking-apologists on the Right (and some on the Left too).

In this interview Moyers and Barofsky talk about the incestuous relationship between Washington and Wall Street.  Frankly, it is not looking good for the middle class when you hear Barofsky talk about how back room deals are done, and how Wall Street makes the rules and Washington follows.

I encourage my readers to watch and digest the discussion here.  Most of my readers are teachers, and as teachers who work in the public sector we need to understand how and why money is squandered on people who are already rich and powerful.  We can NEVER have fairness or progress towards a more egalitarian society until we hammer down on the Washington/Wall Street link!



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