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Romney and Vietnam…

November 3, 2012

I have never had much respect for Mitt Romney, with his proclivity to vacillate on every single major issue confronting us, from abortion, to global warming, to health-care, to auto industry assistance, to gun control, Mitt Romney has done more turns than a car traveling down Lombard Street.

If there were even a modicum of respect for this money-idolizing, silver-spoon-in-mouth leach, it went out the window watching this video of what Mitt was doing during the Vietnam War, i.e. hanging out in France and seeking deferments (4 of them) and the juxtaposition of what he was doing during that time with what he is saying today.  It is truly disgusting!  I really can’t take much more of politicians…not just Republicans either, although I can stomach Democrats much more easily.


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