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The Story You Haven’t Heard on the Adelanto Parent Trigger Situation

March 16, 2013

The NEA (National Education Association) has an excellent video and web-commentary regarding the Parent Trigger Law that was activated in the Adelanto School District.

I have read and blogged on the Parent Trigger Law many times, and I have read many articles on the topic without having a really good picture of what took place.  It seemed unrealistic to me that a group of parents in this little desert town would begin a signature drive on their own to replace their public school.  Well, I was right.  Listen to the parent in the video below and how she describes being ‘approached’ by outside groups with a lot of money to get her to sign the petition.

The Parent Trigger Law is another corporate take-over scam put forth by the privatize education – reform set.  It is designed specifically to overthrow a school, displace its staff, and replace the school with a for-profit charter school.  It IS that simple – this is what the law was designed to do, don’t fall for it.

Watch the below 4 minute video, link to it, pass it around, people need to know that this is just ONE MORE way that public education is being attacked in this country.


The video tells the story of Adelanto, California, where a well-funded, outside group, “Parent Revolution,” came to town and tricked parents with false promises, while bitterly dividing the community and disrupting the education of young children.

“The video makes clear that that parent trigger laws, pending in 14 states, are not a magic wand that improves education — there is no magic wand,” said Roger Hickey of the Education Opportunity Network. “Schools need better resources, engaged parents, good teachers and a supportive community. What schools do not need is divisive campaigns that mislead and disappoint parents,” he said.

The Education Opportunity Network is part of a new movement that is building in America aimed at assuring that all children and youth have the opportunity to learn. The Education Opportunity Network is a project of the Institute for America’s Future, in partnership with the Opportunity to Learn Campaign.

“We need to work together for student success. Let’s give our teachers and students the tools and resources they need to succeed,” said Jeff Bryant — education writer and editor of the Education Opportunity Network. “We also need to invest in the priorities that build the foundation for student learning: small classes, early childhood education, up-to-date textbooks and computers, and classes like history, art, PE and music,” he said.

“Parent Trigger laws are about pitting parents against each other instead of everyone in the community working together on real solutions for educating all children,” said Bryant.

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